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Florida and other states have passed legislation to ensure the public can use ATM’s safely.  This legislation and a potential for civil liability litigation should be the stimulus for ATM owners and operators to take measures to ensure the safety and security of the user and compliance with these laws.  Periodic inspections performed by STS, Inc. will ensure your ATM’s meet government expectations. 



STS’s ATM Compliance and Standards Solution starts with determining your institution’s standard.  This includes a thorough field audit and recommendations for repair and/or painting of the exterior fascia, signage and an evaluation of the compliance for all ADA and network requirements. 

Inspection areas include visibility, accessibility, lighting, landscaping, mirrors, surveillance equipment and signs.  The inspection results and digital photos of the terminal are provided. 

Areas of concern will be noted and should be addressed by your institution’s facilities maintenance crew followed by a re-inspection to document the corrective action.  Our compliance and standards solutions are performed monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly based on your institution’s needs.  This service may be combined with our ATM Cleaning Solution to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your ATM portfolio. 

There are unpredictable costs associated with civil suits alleging injury from ATM use.  Money spent on compliance and safety is money well spent.  Once STS’s ATM Compliance and Standards Solution is implemented it will benefit your institution with enhanced customer safety and satisfaction, protection of your brand, a reduction in the incidents of crime and frivolous lawsuits and a reduction in exposure to liability.

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