ATM Cleaning Solution


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Your customers expect nothing but the best. 
STS will help you deliver your best.

We recognize that your institution has worked hard for many years to build your image and that it must be maintained to the highest standard for each and every member.  STS has an ATM Cleaning Solution that is tailored specifically to meet your requirements.  With our program we will ensure that your customer has a positive view of each of your ATM’s.



STS’s ATM Cleaning Solution begins with a thorough cleaning of all the external surfaces of the ATM’s, surround housings, fascias and drive-up kiosks.  Soft rags and non abrasive cleaning solutions are used to remove dirt and dust.  Digital photos of the terminal are taken on each visit and all photos and related documentation are provided.  Cleanings are performed monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly based on your company’s needs. 

Allow STS to help keep your ATMs looking their BEST.